Set against the background of a tragic lifeboat disaster, The Serpentine Cave is a late coming-of-age story that explores the body’s power to redeem the past.

When Marian’s mother dies suddenly she is left with an old house in Cornwall, strange new friends, a stack of paintings and a stone with the power to bring back memories she’d rather forget. Among the paintings is a portrait of a young man, inscribed ‘For Marian’. Is this her missing father? Who was he?

Marian’s search for the father she never knew is sparked by physical flashbacks to a near-drowning experience in the serpentine cave. Thomas, her father is the man who missed the boat and let others die in his place. Their shared burden of memories is the key to unlocking the past and making the most of the rest of their lives.

With the help of her daughter Alice, sculptor Leo and members of the local community, Marian finds a way through her nightmare memories to a new life for herself and her father. Uniquely British yet universal in scope, The Serpentine Cave is a distinctive story with appeal across generations.

The Serpentine Cave